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...a hand full of penis and a head full of empty!

This is exactly what I feel like BUT a little update is at hand, since I should reassure you that I HAVEN't forgotten the last Free-Sketch people.
BUT I have very much to do and my health is gettin in the way of a steady workflow...Still, I'm positive I'm gonna manage everything fine!
Up til the end of March I'll be working on some huuuuge but very fun commission! I've never done so much diffrent stuff, it really helps me improve I think *-*

Then ofc I need to say THANKS to my secret admirer, who has renewed my premium membership! Seriously! Show yourself! Don't be shy! xD (But thanks so much anyways <3)

And now off to a little bit of blahblah...

My arms won't heal. I'm running from one doc to the next one and I have spend sooo much money for healthstuff this month I actually don't want to think about it! xD Off to some other bad Wow Raid guild disbanded and my rl friends left me behind. ._. I'm pretty sad about it since we were having much fun and I was finally able to raid progress (we were pretty good on our server actually Q_Q). Meh...Now I've got a half a year subscription running and noone to play with...

But also good things happened. Besides all this stuff I'm feeling pretty good. I love my new home, it gets comfier and comfier day by day. I started a low-carb diet and have a ton of fun trying out cooking new dishes and I feel loved. <3

So actually everything is just half as bad! If my arms will be fine again soon and springtime will finally show around, then I'll be feeling perfect!

Off to another question my dear watchers...anyone of you knows this wonderful webcomic Homestuck?
I'm totally intoxicated and get on the nerves of all my friends with it. Sadly noone has managed to take a liking to it so...have you? DO I have some fellow Hussies in my watcherlist? I pray for it, since otherwise I'd just feel like a sadPanda...

If you are, then...tell me what you love most about it and who's your fav character! *_*



So, I'mma gonna hop on the 10 free sketch train currently going around on Da

stole mine from :icongrimoirarmadel:

Here are the rules my lovelys:

-The first 10 people who comment on this journal will receive a FREE SKETCH! In return; however, you must offer 10 free sketches in your own journal too!

-When I see you made this journal too, then I will start your request! If you've done this in the recent (which means, less than half a year ago btw...) past just provide proof and that will do also.

-Remember, these are SKETCHES, meaning they probably won't be colored, and they will be done fast, nothing too hard or perfect. Sketchy, rough lines, quickly whenever-I-have-time made, by your request!


1. :iconderherrkoi: done->

2. :iconzanaffar:done->

3. :iconyako: done ->

4. :iconaikolein: done ->

5. :icontallihoo: done ->

6. :iconxiiee: done ->

7. :iconfilicia-a-lovelace: done ->

8. :iconanaiskalinin: done ->

9. :iconzyn-parker: done ->

10. :iconaris-ivory:

done ->


And since I was too stupid to realize we have an eleventh slot!

11. :iconcruzrobin:

done ->

If you kill her...

Journal Entry: Tue Jan 17, 2012, 5:01 AM
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I can't believe I didn't write anything for such a long time!!!

Merry superbelated Christmas and a Happy superbelataed new Year!!! Wooohoo! Incredible!
I knew I've never been too much of the diary/blog whatever-type but sometimes it bugs me to see I've been leaving so much out of date notes for the internet to read on my dusty frontpage! Not good!
But let's just try to catch up to what I've been doing all these months:

I've been running around between my old home and my new home, I've been to cool birthday partys and to less cool family meetings, I fell in love with the most interesting, funny and brainmelting webcomic out there (go check it out for major headaches and utter epic,I've tried to make my friends fall in love with it too...and failed utterly, I've been trying to draw...and mostly failed, I've had a totally funny New Years eve with many friends, I've feared for my life while sledding down 4km of icy road at highspeed while laughing my ass off, I've retried to draw and IT WORKED and last but not least I've got myself a new relationship (choochoo all aboard the relationship!).

Yeah...that more or less sums up whatever might have been interesting in the past months!

Right now, next to my studies I'm working on a picture for the winter contest of :iconsirwendigo: and I really like it up till now *-*
Cross your fingers for me to win! *spin*

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Premium Membership and Halloween

Journal Entry: Mon Oct 31, 2011, 1:29 AM
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So today I logged to DA and was like : Wha..?! And then I went like "d'awww".

Someone donated a premium membership to me!!! Again! This is incredibly cute and awesome and I am pretty happy to have somebody (it was someone anonimous) supporting me on DA like this! Thank you anonimous! You give me the opportunity to flood you all with awesome polls, thumbedythumbnails, eyecancerevoking journalskins and all the other stuff! =D

Today I woke up earlyer than I planned to and I am still pretty tired...I hate waking up early! But today we want to go buy a pumpkin and make some soup out of it and have tons of other plans! Ofc we will also buy some sweets in case some of the little gangster kids are cool enough to run into the third floor to come scare the shit out of us. I am a bit sad I didn't manage to get a costume for this halloween. Would've loved to. Dx

What are you doing on halloween? Are you dressing up? Are you going to a party? (or have you already been due to this stupid monday?) Are there pictures of you in your costume? *-* Show me, tell me, entertain me!

On the other hand I am trying to get down to paper every character of Lorn, but it is harder than I thought, since I am constantly changing stuff in my style and so, when I am finished with the newest, I want to redraw the old ones! Ohh the pain! xD

Anyways, be patient with me, I'm such a slowass when it comes to polishing and finishing pictures, and I've got  a whole lot of crap lying around here...Dx

Greeetzlies and have a wonderful Halloween


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Journal Entry: Tue Oct 18, 2011, 1:56 AM
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OMG! Is this really happening?

My arms are finally fine again! I can type, I can play, I can DRAW! MY LIFE IS COMPLETE AGAIN! xDDD

So much has happened in the last times (it must have been a month or so). I have watched all Harry Potter movies in 2 days, I have been dying by staring at the wall, I have been dying by wanting to draw but not being able to, I have been on an italian wedding with awesome food (nomnomnom), I have been playing SuperNintendo (or watch someone playing SuperNintendo) for more than 12h a day (yaaay for Terranigma xD), I have been silly, I have been sad, I have been VERY SILLY and finally I have slowly been restarting to draw!

The last month was like horror, because it threw me out of all my habits! BUT! I'd like to believe that I am back! *weeh*
Not sure though if I'll be able to upload as often as before, but I'll give it my best >-< <3
Right now I managed to get some awesome commission out of DA, and I am illustrating for the Aventurischer Bote which is a twomonthly german Pen&Paper magazine from Das Schwarze Auge.

Ofc now Commissions are open again if anyone is every interested *-*

How have YOU been the last month? What have you done? What were your highlights? HAVE YOU EVEN COME TO FORGET ME?!?!?! Q___Q
Tell me lovely watchers!



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I'm baaaackk....wait, wha-?Secret Kiriban caught!

Journal Entry: Fri Sep 2, 2011, 4:19 AM
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I'd love to tell you I'm back, but sadly I am not...Dx

I went to the doc this tuesday, and he didn't have anything new to tell me, so actually I am still waiting for my tendinitis to go away...
Yesterday I tried to draw again, and after some fails I decided I needed to put down at least SOMETHING, which is why you can look at that adorably cute Bulbasaur in my Gallery right now! xD

I mean c'mon I AM of the Pokémon Generation, and having worked for Nintendo as Game Tester for a while, I could even call myself an officially approved "Pokémon Trainer!" xDD

Anyways, I was having some special secret Kiriban thing going on in the background, deciding that whoever was going to be my 100th watcher, would get a Kiriban! :iconchibichan0: was the lucky winner, and so I am going to draw her cool OCs when I'm back in buisness!

What else is there to tell? I am going MAD here! I'm not the movie type, but I am forced to do nothing else but watching movies to relax my arms! xD This SUCKS!

Ah! Next week on thursday I will be flying to italy for nearly one week! My Cousin is getting married and I am really looking forward to it! <3 I bet I'll cry again (like on every wedding! xD) and if I manage to catch her bouquet I am going to get depressed even more! xDD Anyways I BET THERE WILL BE AWESOME STUFF TO EAT! :iconhurrplz:

Do you like going on weddings? =D

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The ffuuuuuu *rage*

Journal Entry: Fri Aug 19, 2011, 5:19 AM
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As you may have noticed, I was pretty absent the last 2-3 days!

This is due to a tendinitis I got at the ellbow of my right arm. Actually I'm not even sure where I got it from, since I am lefthanded, but it's really painful and dangerous. The first day I just ignored it, thinking, that just because it was only my "shortcut" hand it wouldn't be too much of a problem. But soon enough, the pain was way too sharp and even spread into my left arm and both of my wrists...Since then I just try to keep it cooled and relaxed, but it's pretty hard as I had to find out. Even typing, is just possible with one hand! xD
So that is absolutely frustrating, since I can't surf, type and most importantly DRAW! I have sooo many ideas and inspration it just sucks! If it won't pass until monday I'll have to go to the doc Q_Q
Until then I'll sit at home...doing...nothing. Exactly....*sigh*

Just wanted you to know! Any ideas what you could do WITHOUT using you arms? xD (besides watching movies! xD)

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Featuring game!

Journal Entry: Mon Aug 15, 2011, 2:29 PM
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And now it also got me!

I was caught by the featuring game of :iconinnevata: and I'll be glad to spread the feature love!

Here are the rules:

1. First 15 comments have 2 features here
2. Then you do the same on your journal with me in the first place *_*
3. enjoy!!! <3

1. :iconinnevata: : initial by innevata

2. :iconlyn-kat: : Kitty Sketch by Lyn-Kat Sister in Klimt Clothing by Lyn-Kat

3. :iconepitope: : Juel by Epitope Arsen by Epitope

4. :iconlanyu: : Omg Secret Bunny Santa by lanyu Merry Christmas, Zanaffar. by lanyu

5. :iconmarikaefer: : Shaymin - colored by marikaefer High class mischief maker by marikaefer

6. :iconzyn-parker: : Whussh by Zyn-Parker Endless by Zyn-Parker










I will leave the feature on the top page for at least some days (acutally until I have something new to write so...maybe also some MORE days xD)

I have also lowered my commission prices a bit. I'm still not sure though...Share your thoughts! I'm interested in your opinion! =D



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Offering Commissions!

Journal Entry: Fri Aug 12, 2011, 3:16 AM
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Well yeah guys and girls I am SO doing commissions from today on! :'DDD

Since I don't have any job right now, and my goal is to take 2 years to improve my drawing skills and try to get some foot into the illustration/concept art industry I absolutely need to try to get some tiny little money to survive! xD
Therefore it seems to be a good idea to open commissions, so I can on one hand do something I love (aka. drawing! xD) and on the other hand earn something extra! =D

Commission types and prices are heeeere:
I will be offering:
-  Single full body digital character 20 $: Kiriban: Maora-Shun by MistressMim
-  Single full body digital character with flat gradient colors 25 $: Limette by MistressMim
-  Single full body traditional character with final pimping OR detailled digital shading 35 $: Viktor by MistressMim & Levon by MistressMim

If you would like 2 Characters or something bigger then you can note me and we can talk about it!

Payment will be accepted with Paypal!


The more information you send me, the better for your picture :D

I only draw for private uses!

I will draw:  - The requester himself/herself
         - Your OCs
         - Yaoi/Shonen-ai and Yuri/Shoujo-ai as long as it follows DA rules

I won't draw:

shota/loli and furry porn (tentacles included, though they are not furry XD), mechas (since I suck at it! xD) and anything illegal

I won't put up a specific number of slots, since I don't think I will have that much demand! =D

If you are interested, just note me with the character description! Then I will send you some sketch ideas and will wait for approval. Only after that you will have to pay, and when the payment arrived I will start working on it!

Big smooches! Mim

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What to draw next? Poll and Requests

Journal Entry: Thu Aug 4, 2011, 11:41 AM
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Weeeh! I'll be away from tomorrow on until the next thursday, so no pics from my side BUT that doesn't mean that YOU have free time! *chrchr*

As you have seen I have been posting the five main guys of the RPG I play with :iconzanaffar:!
Those are of course not all the persons that appear in that wonderful story, so I was thinking to try to depict them all.
Naturally I have other pictures waiting in the back, but since I don't know which NPC should be next I wanted to ask you!

You won't know any of the persons, but maybe a name strikes you as interesting, so I would love you to tell me, which one I should be drawing next!

SO here are the candidates for the next pics:

Do you want to see

- Yael , the personality split holywhateverapostle
- Vincent, one of the old and mighty Crows
- Landro, a tiny new Crow
- Mary, Noahs ill sister
- The Bishop, which ofc has some hidden secret

And here some little introtext to the that you don't feel completely lost! xD

In a world, where god has gone to 'sleep', dark creatures known as Crows lead the dead on their path to heavens gates to remain alive. One man falls in battle and meets one of them, but there is a fatal mistake, he survives and from that day on bears a piece of the soul of that creature inside of him. An adventurous journey begins in which, together, they try to seperate their souls. On his forced quest Noah learns more about himself than he ever wanted to, and seeks for answers, answers regarding the man that changed his life. That man that was once known as 'Lorn'.

On the other hand I would like to state that I am open for request. May them regard the RPG (like if you'd have the weird idea that you'd want to see Noah brush Viktors hair or something...xD) or just for any other thing. Only rule is, that you don't request your own OCs but something from already existing games or movies or series. Chance that I'll like it isn't too high (since I really don't know ANYTHING at all...xDDD) but maybe I really get to like the idea, and will draw it!

So now farewell my lovely friends!

Wish me luck on this travelmarathon since I am a little ill!



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Kiriban caught!

Journal Entry: Tue Aug 2, 2011, 10:09 AM
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Well that was indeed a fast run on the last meters...I'm a bit ..shocked? xD

Still, as was to be expected by my Kiriban, TWO persons managed to get it! xDDD

Congratulations to :iconmaora-shun: and :iconlerycia:!

You two can send me some information about a Character of yours you'd like me to draw! =D

I think I'll put the next Kiriban up to 5k or something, but I will annouce it eary enough!!!

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Yaaay! Kiriban at 1k views!!!

Journal Entry: Sun Jul 31, 2011, 2:29 AM
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So I've finally finished reuploading old stuff and can finally start to throw some new stuff all over your face...At least this is what I hope! I am working on many things right now and hope, some of them will be finished the next days! I'm trying hard to give you something to watch at, at least twice a week! è_é *pats herself on the shoulder*

On this occasion I also wanted to set up a Kiriban for the person who gets my 1k pageview! I know its kinda early, BUT I thought, since so many awesome people rewatched me, and I also got some wooonderful new watchers I woudl like to say "thank you" in this way! I had a good new start with the new account and I am sure it will be even better *-*

So if you by chance get the 1k pageview, just send me a screenshot with the time and the pageview and I'll be doing something for you *-*

Stay tuned! ;D

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Data Desaster

Journal Entry: Mon Jul 18, 2011, 4:51 AM
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This might be a stupid first journal entry for my new account, but this is how things go....

Just to sum up some of the recent events:

- My harddisk crashed shortly before I went into holyday
- As I came back it worked partially, but most of the stuff was inaccessible
- One day later I was hacked (and thus also banned) on most of my social networks and platforms around the internet (including DA!)
- I was also hacked on my Ragnarok Online Account where nearly all my characters have been deleted.

So things were kinda stressy last week. Sadly not everything is going too well.

My Ragnarok Account is still empty, my email provider won't answer (so I can't save my contacts), the deviantart support won't answer as well and today came the message that my harddisk is unsavable.
Now that struck me pretty hard since there were so many pictures and memorys on it I will never be able to get back. Tons of pictures (of weddings and meetings), funny screenshots, important documents and most importantly many unfinished drawings as well as all original sized drawings I did throughout the last 2 years.
I have to admit, I feel absolutely frustrated and lost .___.

I guess I will try to send the harddisk in to the technical support, but if even my collegues (who are ITlers in this case xD) couldn't help me. I'm really left with not much hope.

Stupid day ._.  Sometimes life really won't let you get some time to rest without trouble...

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